Governor Capes Welcomes Senior Colleagues
Governor Capes Welcomes Senior Colleagues

HE Governor Capes formally welcomed the new Chief Secretary, Roy Burke and his wife Jill, and the new DfID resident Representative Morgan Riley – at a reception at Plantation House on Friday 20 June 2014 (photo attached).

Extending a warm welcome and expressing his own pleasure at being back on St Helena, Governor Capes addressed invited guests, commenting:

“This evening we welcome our new Chief Secretary Roy Burke and his wife Jill, and also Morgan Riley, the successor to Eddie Palmer as DfID’s representative on the Island.

“St Helena is changing – and that’s a fact. Our shared task is to ensure that the change will give St Helena a bright future, a future in which all who live here can share in its progress, in increased prosperity, in new opportunities and to ensure that no part of society is excluded or left behind.

“And we must take care to safeguard, as far as possible, all the things that make St Helena such a special place, not least her precious environment.

“Of course, financial prosperity is not going to happen overnight – it is right that development should be incremental so that St Helena can manage and adapt.

“The challenge is considerable and complex. But the reward is great – the opportunity to make a real difference for the future. To lay the foundation on which the Island can prosper for the benefit of everyone on St Helena.

“That is our goal. That is what we are all about. That is why the British Government is investing over two hundred million pounds here – the biggest ever investment in an Overseas Territory. To give this Island and its people a positive future. To give this Island the means to grow and prosper. To give this Island confidence in itself and about the future. And we must do our part in return for the UK’s investment and vote of confidence in St Helena.

“So change we must, and promoting a positive attitude is the key – for it is a positive attitude that makes the difference between success and failure. People are either can do or can’t do.

“So Roy and Morgan, there is plenty here to keep you busy.  Life on St Helena is never dull.  I welcome Roy, Jill and Morgan and wish you all a happy and productive stay at an exciting time for this extraordinary and much loved Island.”


23 June 2014


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