GIS Day On St Helena

‘Geographical Information Systems’ (GIS) Day showcases the increasing importance of GIS in our everyday lives.GIS Data

On Wednesday 19 November 2014, the GIS team – GIS Manager Murray Henry, GIS Surveyor, Simon Bennett, GIS Topographical Surveyor, Cliff Richards, and GIS Surveyor Assistants Ron Knipe and Devlin Yon, held an open day at Essex House from 10am to 3pm – giving the public an opportunity to view displays and see the technology behind GIS.

Databases were shown on PCs portraying the mapping analysis of historical and agricultural buildings and electricity and water lines, which helps businesses in forming decisions and for project management. One example of an island business using GIS data is Pro-Arc.

GIS Diaplays GIS Surveyor Assistant Devlin Yon commented on the day:

 “Overall the day went well. We had on display surveying equipment that we use to do land registry and topographic surveying, and also GIS maps showing people information and data we collect and enter onto our systems in the office.”

Team members have also been visiting schools through the week, delivering presentations to inform students about the significance of Geographical Information Systems, and its relevance on St Helena.

GIS allows for the storing and analysis of geographical features in digital format. It is beneficial to St Helena as it allows users to overlay various features/information to assist in answering questions and solving problems such as finding out the best place for a development by assessing access routes, utilities and terrain etc.

Two photos are attached.


21 November 2014




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