Esther Rodrigo
Esther Rodrigo

Newly arrived on the Island is Esther Rodrigo, the new Physiotherapist for the Health and Social Welfare Directorate, on a two year contract.  Esther is based at the Community Care Complex (CCC) in Ladder Hill, Half Tree Hollow.

Supported by Rosie Walton (Assistant Physiotherapist) and Helen Owen (Locum Physiotherapy Manager, and who covers for the Physiotherapist when on leave) the Physiotherapist treats patients daily at the CCC, the Hospital and also conducts home visits for those unable to travel.

Esther commented:

“Physiotherapy treats patients who suffer from physical health conditions, illnesses or injuries – such as orthopaedic or muscle conditions – but it is also used to treat individuals who suffer from respiratory illnesses.” 

“In London I mainly worked with orthopaedic and sport injury conditions.  The main difference between here and the UK is that here you treat a variety of cases, all kinds of patients.  In the UK you are more specialised. 

“The challenge of acquiring adequate resources is also a difference compared with equipment and faculties available in the UK.”   

Esther, originally from Spain, has experience in treating chronic patients before her move to the UK to take on employment with the NHS, working with elderly patients – some in various states of dementia and depression.  Esther then moved on to a private clinic in London before relocating with her husband to St Helena.


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