To mark the construction of the Terminal Building at the Airport, the Laying of a Commemorative Stone, Blessing of the Building and Burial of a Time Capsule will take place at the Airport site on Saturday 28 June 2014.

Since early May the St Helena Government Public Relations Office has been running a competition in Island schools for young people to submit a drawing, poem or essay – with winning entries to be placed in the Time Capsule and buried at the Terminal Building.

Other contents of the Time Capsule will include photos and short films showcasing the Island community and Airport progress, Island newspapers, a comments book from all involved in the St Helena Airport project, a special Airport stamp issue, St Helena currency, St Helena crafts, seeds from plants endemic to the Island and the Electoral Roll.

A total of 131 entries were received from the schools and were judged by Lindsay McGinnety, Pamela Murray and Liam Yon. The high quality of the entries meant Judges had a difficult task of choosing winners for each category, and as a result an additional three entries were highly commended.

Competition winners are as follows:

Primary School Pupils – Paint or draw a picture of What St Helena looks like to you in 2014

Age 3-6 years

1st Prize – Leonna Coleman (Picture of the Seafront and RMS St Helena) – Harford Primary School

2nd Prize – Jordi Henry (The STAR Supermarket and Post Office in Jamestown) – Harford Primary School

3rd Prize Zach Robinson (Francis Plain Football Field) – Harford Primary School

Age 7-11 years

1st Prize – Ananda Thomas (Basil Read Road and Rupert’s Hill on St Helena) – Harford Primary School

2nd Prize – Jacob Williams (Airport Site and Dry Gut Fill) – St Paul’s Primary School

3rd Prize – Nesta Yon (Jamestown and James’ Bay) – St Paul’s Primary School

Highly Commended

Ben Crowie (RMS St Helena in James’ Bay) – Pilling Primary School

Charlize Crowie (Bradley’s Camp) – Harford Primary School

Christy Jo Scipio-O’Dean (St Helena, June 2014) – Harford Primary School


Lower Age Students, Prince Andrew School – Write an essay entitled ‘How St Helena will Change with an Airport’ of up to 500 words.

1st Prize – Jacob Bowers, Jamestown


Upper Age Students, Prince Andrew School – Write a poem entitled ‘St Helena – Past, Present and Future.’

1st Prize – Jodie Scipio-Constantine, Jamestown

2nd Prize – Jordan Stevens, St Paul’s

Commenting on the competition entries, the judges said:

“We’re very impressed with the level of thought that has gone into the entries – there are some really interesting perspectives and viewpoints. It’s very interesting to see what young people see now in 2014 before the changes from the Airport fully appear.

“The poem and essay entries were amazing and it was such a hard decision. In the drawings there is so much quality in all of them, from the younger groups right up to age 11. Everyone draws differently and has their distinct styles, so we’ve tried to choose drawings that are not necessarily the most artistic but those that have ideas, and there are a lot of ideas here.”

First Prize Winners in each category will now receive an invitation to the Commemorative Stone Ceremony on Saturday and their entries will be placed into the Time Capsule to be buried on the day. These entries – two pictures, one poem and one essay – are a snapshot of St Helena and these children will now be an important part of the Island’s history showing how they lived and saw their Island home in 2014.

SHG would like to thank all pupils and students who took part in the competition and for sharing their amazing ideas and views about St Helena. All entries will soon be displayed in Porteous House and members of the public are encouraged to take a look at the talent of the Island’s young people.

Prizes will now be distributed to all schools and presented to competition winners in the coming weeks.

Three photos are attached to this release.


23 June 2014

Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Winners Age 7-11 Years
Winners Age 7-11 Years
Winners Age 3-6 Years
Winners Age 3-6 Years


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