Water Shortage On St Helena Remains Serious

 Stored Water Levels in Redhill Zone Sufficient for 12 Days

The water shortage on St Helena, though still severe and serious in the affected areas, has eased slightly with this week’s bowsering efforts and the continued reduced level of consumption in the Redhill distribution area.  Although there have been irregular rain showers over the last few days, this has made no significant change in the amount of stored water levels. 

Stored water levels at Redhill remain exceptionally low, but have extended slightly to around 12 days of supply. The Contingency Planning Group (CPG) again thanks the public for responding to the water situation and reducing consumption, as this has helped greatly in stretching the stored water supply. 

An additional bowser from Ascension Island arrived on the RMS this week.  Donated to SHG by MOD at no cost, it will become fully operational at the beginning of next week.  The CPG thanks the MOD for the bowser, which will further increase stored water levels in the Redhill Distribution area.    

The laying of pipework to pump raw water to the Scotts Mill Reservoir area from Hutts Gate, via Grape Vine Gut, will also become effective next week.  This water will then be treated at Redhill, before entering the main system.

This message goes out to the Island as a whole, as bowsering and pumping from reliable sources clearly has implications for the totality of St Helena’s water supplies. Water is ultimately a finite resource on this Island and we thank all districts for reducing their water consumption.

Please continue to reduce your water consumption and use only for essential domestic needs for the foreseeable future.


21 June 2013


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