Public Consultation – Proposed General Development Order

The Land Development Control Authority proposes to introduce a General Development Order which, if approved by ExCo, will mean that the public will no longer need to submit development applications for a range of small, uncontentious development proposals.

The General Development Order will create 14 categories of “Permitted Development” which, provided specific limitations and conditions are met, will no longer need a development application. The specific limitations and conditions are necessary to ensure the right balance between, on the one hand, removing controls and on the other hand, avoiding bad-neighbour developments and harm to the Island’s heritage.

To help in finding the right balance, the Land Development Control Authority would like your views.

The wording of the draft General Development Order is relatively complicated, to make it comprehensive without creating loopholes that could result in poor development. An explanatory guide is therefore available with it and they are both available from Essex House and from the Public Library, Jamestown. Digital copies are also available on the SHG website

Comments on the draft General Development Order should be submitted in writing to the Planning Officer, Essex House, Jamestown, not later than Friday 30 August.

All comments will be presented to the Land Development Control Authority and, as part of transparency and openness of the Planning Service, will also be available to the public.

The Authority’s recommendations will be presented to Council Committee and Executive Council for a final decision.

Alfred Isaac, Planning Officer
David Taylor, Head of Planning & Development Control
5 August 2013


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