Presiding Officers For The 2012 General Election

Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, has today appointed the following persons as Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers for this year’s General Election – to be held on Wednesday, 17 July 2013.

Polling Station

Presiding Officer


Assistant Presiding Officer


Blue Hill Community Centre


Mrs Georgina Young

Mrs Sandra Williams


Half Tree Hollow Community Centre


Mrs Connie Johnson

Mrs Stephanie Crook


Harford Community Centre


Mrs Carol Thompson

Miss Linda Cranfield


Judges Lodge, Alarm Forest


Mrs Brenda Thomas

Mrs Jane Augustus


Kingshurst Community Centre


Mrs Karen Yon

Mrs Cynthia Bennett


Levelwood Community Centre


Mrs Cecily Bateman

Miss Paula Moyce


Jamestown Community Centre


Mrs Olive Williams

Miss Joan Yon


Sandy Bay Community Centre

Mr Gerald Benjamin

Mrs Thelma Sim


Polling Stations will be open from 10am to 7pm on the day of the Poll. Members of the public are encouraged not to leave it until the last minute to vote, as Polling Stations will close at exactly 7pm.


9 July 2013 


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