Official List Of Candidates For General Election 2013

Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, this afternoon announced the names of 20 Candidates who will be standing for this year’s General Election. This year, with a single constituency, the electorate will have the opportunity to vote for up to 12 Councillors to represent the whole Island.

The candidates are as follows:

Leslie Paul Baldwin: of Half Tree Hollow

Audrey Mavis Constantine: of Maldivia, Jamestown

Nigel Dollery: of “Pleasant View Cottage”, New Ground, St Pauls

Wilson Charles Duncan: of Old Millsite, Nr Harford Community Centre, Longwood

Gavin George Ellick: of New Ground, St Pauls

Cyril Robert George: of “Clifton Cottage”, Sapper Way, St Pauls

Stedson Robert George: of “Utopia”, Two Gun Saddle, Alarm Forest

Anthony Arthur Green: of “Oltonia”, Knollcombes, St Pauls

Cyril Keith Gunnell: of “Cashem House”, Napoleon Street, Jamestown

Earl Hilton Henry: of Thompson’s Hill, St Pauls

Lawson Arthur Henry: of Sea View, Alarm Forest

Brian William Isaac: of “Elizium”, Longwood Road, Longwood

Brenda Elaine Moors: of Alarm Forest

Bernice Alicia Olsson: of “Association Hall”, Main Street, Jamestown

Ian Sebastian Rummery: of Alarm Forest

Christine Lilian Scipio-O’Dean: of Black Field, Longwood

Derek Franklin Thomas: of Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow

Lionel George Williams: of “Brenville”, Nr Half Tree Hollow, St Pauls

Raymond Kenneth Williams: of “Saddle Cottage”, Nr Horse Pasture, Blue Hill

Mervyn Robert Yon: of “High View Cottage”, Nr Red Hill, St Pauls

The full Declaration, including the names of Sponsors, will be Gazetted as soon as possible and hard copies will be placed at the usual outlets and published on the SHG website.

Polling Day is set for Wednesday 17 July 2013. Details on how and where to vote will be set out in an insert in both local newspapers this week.

2 July 2013


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