Kieth Munns
Kieth Munns

Prison Advisor, Keith Munns contracted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) visits the Island every two years.   

During his visits Keith observes the general prison operation, establishes if prisoners are being treated fairly, if the public are protected and that effective rehabilitation efforts are enforced to reduce the risk of prisoners reoffending.  

Keith who has a background in the UK Prison Service as a Prison Governor for 42 years now advises Prisons in Overseas Territories, St Helena, Ascension and the Falklands to ensure that each Island’s Prison Service complies with UK standards but in a way that reflects the size and situation of their Prisons.  This visit saw Keith spend just over a week on Island.

Keith commented:  

“Largely what I do is assessing the treatment of prisoners that all systems are in place, inmates’ educational needs are met and to address the key issues of safety, respect, purposeful activity and resettlement.  I will draft a report on my return and present to FCO with a serious of recommendations and future improvements.

“I can say with confidence that the prison on St Helena has improved since my last visit, with what is being done in terms of offender management, probation and community work.  The training of the Prison staff is also more professionalised.  An event held at Plantation where staff received certificates for training highlights the improvement of the staffs skills.”

The training that was provided was lifted directly from the UK system to allow Prison staff to operate at UK standards.

Keith departs the Island tomorrow Tuesday 10 September 2013.


9 September 2013


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