His Excellency, Governor Capes will depart the Island on Thursday 7 November for his first official visit to Tristan da Cunha.

During His Excellency’s three day visit to the Island (19-21 Nov) he will be meeting with the Administrator, Deputy Chief Islander, Tristan da Cunha Council, Heads of Departments and a selection of the Tristan community. Governor Capes will also visit St Joseph and St Mary’s Churches, the school and Hospital, as well as tour the Potato Patches, Lobster Factory and Volcano. During the tour of the Volcano, Governor Capes will lay a plaque commemorating 50 years since the Tristanians returned to the Island (1963), after evacuating in 1961.

During his time in South Africa, Governor Capes – along with Julian Morris the outgoing Chief Executive for Economic Development and Councillor Lawson Henry – will promote St Helena as a tourism destination showcasing the opportunities offered by the Island for select investors, especially in the hotel and accommodation industries.

Governor Capes will return to St Helena on Monday 25 November 2013.

From the day the Governor departs the Island on Thursday 7 November, up until he returns to the Island on Monday 25 November, the Chief Secretary, Owen O’Sullivan, will serve as Governor’s Deputy.

Also departing on Thursday for overseas business will be Councillor Lawson Henry and Assistant Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, to attend the annual Joint Ministerial Conference (JMC) in London from 25-28 November.

Councillor Henry and Dax will also form the St Helena delegation, along with the SHG UK Representative, Kedell Worboys MBE, to attend the 12th OCT-EU Forum in Brussels from 5-6 December 2013.

During the EU Forum, the St Helena delegation will be involved in discussions on the Overseas Countries Territories Association political resolution and territorial and regional programming for the 11th European Development Fund.

Following the Forum, Dax will stay on in Brussels to attend a two day training seminar in his capacity as the Deputy Territorial Authorising Officer.

Both Councillor Henry and Dax will return to the Island on Tuesday 17 December 2013.


5 November 2013


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