ExCo Report – 3 September 2013

Good afternoon,

ExCo met in a special closed session this morning to consider one agenda item. This was a paper to examine a ‘slow steaming’ proposal for the RMS St Helena. The meeting was in closed session as confidential commercial information was discussed.

Slow steaming is the deliberate slowing of a ship in order to save on fuel costs. In the case of the RMS slow steaming would add one day to the voyage between Cape Town and St Helena and would lead to one voyage per year being cancelled.

While slow steaming would provide savings to the fuel bill the additional day would impact negatively on returning Saints, tourism and medical referrals – potentially leading to a loss of investment opportunities.

Recognising that St Helena Line has a responsibility to look for savings Executive Council unanimously agreed that slow steaming should not be introduced for the RMS St Helena.

3 September 2013


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