Martin Warsama
Martin Warsama

The Health and Social Welfare Directorate has recently welcomed Social Services Trainer Martin Warsama on a two year contract. 

In this role Martin will observe and assess the current systems within Social Services.  He will also train staff through supervision and scenario training.  

Martin commented:

“I will be imbedding systems that can be easily picked up by staff after my contract has finished.  I will be working closely with social workers, identifying any improvements that they wish to see and workable solutions.”

Martin who has been here for several days is busy observing the current procedures within Social Services and adjusting to his new environment.  He will soon focus on drawing up plans to implement changes. 

Martin has been a qualified Social worker for 22 years, fifteen of them at management level.  Throughout his career working within various organisations in the North of the UK, he has been employed across various fields covering that of adult care, emergency duty and child protection, setting up joint investigation teams, early intervention teams and improving systems.    


11 September 2013  


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