“Press reports in the UK  and elsewhere that describe St Helena Airport as being ‘scrapped’, ‘mothballed’ or ‘postponed indefinitely’ are incorrect.  The situation remains as in our last update.  This is that there are wind shear challenges on one runway (20, the northern approach) which means larger planes (eg. 737-800) cannot currently land safely.  We are collecting wind data which will allow larger planes to land on this runway, but this will take some time. 

“Wind shear is a factor at several airports around the world, including London City Airport, where safe landings happen every day. 

“In the meantime, we are working hard to identify an interim flight solution that can land on our second runway (02, from the south).  There is no wind shear on this second runway, but there is a tailwind.  We have identified aircraft types which can land in these conditions, and airlines that have such planes – and we are now exploring the specific availability of aircraft with these airlines. 

“The Airport is certified and open, as demonstrated by the emergency medevac flight last Saturday when we were able to fly a sick baby to Cape Town.

“Naturally, we will keep the public informed … as we have been doing.”

Governor Lisa Phillips


10 June 2016




One thought on “ST HELENA AIRPORT

  1. Its been years in the ..if not decades in the planning… Now finally built so and few little hick ups due to mother nature will certainly not effect the tranquil Saint`s life…

    I have been following St Helena Island for some years now.. Going back to RMS St Helena The reason is Im a distant Ancestress.. My mother came from St Helena ..Ive traced my roots back to this Island which i have become to love and respect .. the next step is to visit the land my Mother came from..

    Im currently living in Mallorca Baleares spain

    My birth mother name was Stevens
    Would love to here from any one who has the same surname .. I was born in Uk Nottingham 16.03.67 .
    Would love to here from any one who may have the same surname .. I have managed to make contact with a Philip Stevens currently living working in Leeds UK.
    My contact details are as follows:

    Regards Anthony lovett

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