Currently featuring on Statistics Views (a global statistics website) is a feature by St Helena Government’s Statistician Paula McLeod.

The article is entitled ‘Small Island Statistics in a World of Big Data’ and highlights the big changes that St Helena is facing.  With the impending arrival of air access, the Island now, more than ever, needs useful and reliable information – for example on the economy and the environment.

The article states: ‘As we head into this change, St Helena has a higher than ever demand for reliable data on the people, the economy and the environment.’

St Helena’s Statistics Office is continuing to improve the range and timeliness of its outputs, and to establish valuable connections and raise the Island’s statistics profile in the context of data on a global scale.

Paula explained:

“Through promoting statistics on the Island, we are collaborating on a bigger scale and allowing the office to raise its standards alongside those in the United Kingdom.  Improving our systems allows us to be equally matched, so that anyone anywhere can read and trust the data that we produce.”

For the full article please see the link:


17 June 2014



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