‘School Spruce’ is a community based project aimed at visually and physically improving St Helena’s three primary schools, and began in August 2013.

St Paul’s Primary School began their physical work in November 2013, building the Early Year’s playground.  Parents, children and volunteers worked on consecutive weekends, sanding, cleaning, and painting equipment for the playground.  Endemics were also planted, providing the school with its own local ‘endemic forest’.

A School Spruce film featuring St Paul’s efforts will be shown on Local TV 1 at: 

  • 6pm Thursday 16 January
  • 6:50pm Friday 17 January
  • 6pm Saturday 18 January
  • 6pm Sunday 19 January

The film shows the progress and the work of volunteers to improve facilities for children on the Island.


16 January 2014 


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