Following representation by Councillors Lawson Henry and Dr Corinda Essex on behalf of Elected Members – and subsequent modification of the St Helena Airport logo in accordance with Councillors’ specifications – a revised and final version of the logo has now been endorsed and approved by Executive Council Elected Members.

Illustrated below is the primary (basic) version of the final logo, and attached are images showing this logo in a variety of potential applications.  Also attached, to give context, is an image of the St Helena Airport logo alongside a range of other airport logos.

Airport Logo
Airport Logo

No further changes will be made to the St Helena Airport logo, and it will now be used in various applications – principally by Basil Read.

For those who need to apply the logo, high resolution, downloadable images – together with directions on how the logo can be used – are now available as a web resource at

AIRPORT – Final Logo in Context

AIRPORT – Final Logo Potential Applications


18 August 2015

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