During the Social & Community Development Committee meeting on Wednesday 13 July 2016, responses gathered from the recent questionnaire on amendments to the Marriage Bill were counted.

A total of 145 questionnaires were returned, with the following results:

Are you in Favour of Marriage Becoming Available to Same Gender Couples on St Helena Island?

  • 79 respondents were in favour
  • 66 respondents were not in favour

Are you in Favour of Weddings Being Conducted at Approved Venues Around the Island Other Than Churches and the Registry where they can Currently be Carried Out?

  • 109 respondents were in favour
  • 33 respondents were not in favour
  • 3 respondents did not answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’

The Chairman of the Social & Community Development Committee, Councillor Brian Isaac, said:

“We would like to thank all those people who completed and returned a questionnaire. Our aim was to gauge public opinion on two questions relating to amendments to the Marriage Bill and we now have a clearer idea of how people feel.

“Along with answers to the questions, a number of comments were also received on the questionnaires. These comments will be considered by the Committee before proposing amendments to ExCo for a decision in time for the formal Legislative Council Meeting in October.”


15 July 2016




  1. Just wondering, but is there a link to the actual consultation questionnaire responses, which could include: (1) the names of any individual or organization that took part in the consultation and/or (2) the comments made by those who’ve participated in the questionnaire on this issue?

    • Dear Kyle the questionnaire format allowed for an anonymous response – so we do not have the detailed comments you request

    • Even if it follows an anonymous response format, is there still a link to the responses and comments of the questionnaire itself?

  2. Nice to know that a majority of the respondents are in favor of reform of the marriage law.

  3. I feel that 77 members of the population of over 4,500 is not a reasonable representation of an overall island view and should not therefor be taken as such.

    • Since probably most of the population had heard about the consultation, the fact that relatively few persons returned it presumably means that most of the population is indifferent, not caring one way or the other whether same-gender civil marriage is legalised.

      If so, it is reasonable to assume further that there is no serious opposition to legalisation.

      Those, I believe, are the appropriate conclusions to draw from the figures.

  4. Sorry the number of members should read 145 and not 77 as stated above.

  5. I’m so happy to see that the people of Saint Helena are open minded, caring and tolerant 🙂

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