A Landing Permission authorises a specified number of passengers and crew of a vessel to enter St. Helena for up to 24 hours without obtaining an Entry Permit.

Landing Permission may be issued to the master of a vessel who:

  • completes the Landing Permission form
  • undertakes to ensure that all of the passengers and crew will be leaving on the vessel when it departs
  • ensures that passengers and crew present to the Immigration Officer upon entering St. Helena a valid passport (or pre-agreed alternative form of identification)
  • accepts responsibility for any health requirements, emergency medical evacuation and emergency repatriation that the passengers and crew may require;
  • provides a complete list of all passengers and crew members who have or will have the Master’s permission to land in St. Helena
  • pays the relevant fee

How to Apply

1. The master of a vessel should submit the Landing Permission Form and complete list of names via email to Immigration Officer at emerald.newman@sainthelena.gov.sh or fiyanna.henry@sainthelena.gov.sh.

2. This should be done at least 14 days in advance of arrival but shorter timeframes may be possible – please contact Immigration at the address above.


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