In accordance with Section 15(3) of the Immigration Ordinance 2011, the following persons were granted St Helenian Status:

With effect from Tuesday 10 November 2015:


  • Mr Gift Thandazani Sibanda of Salvation Army House, Jamestown, St Helena Island
  • Ms Vimbai Matumbike of Salvation Army House, Jamestown
  • Ethan Siyabongankosi Sibanda of Salvation Army House, Jamestown


  • Mr Carloss Rodrigo Soto Gallardo of Flat 30a, Bottom Woods

With effect from Tuesday 15 December 2015:


  • Mr Barry Ramon Hubbard of Oaklands, St Helena Island
  • Miss Charlotte Elizabeth Hubbard of Oaklands
  • Mrs Alison Jane Hubbard of Oaklands
  • Mr Joshua George Ramon Hubbard of Oaklands



18 January 2016

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