Wildcat - First Rotary Aircraft to land at St Helena Airport - 14 October 2015 Another milestone was reached yesterday, Wednesday 14 October 2015, at St Helena Airport – as the Wildcat helicopter from HMS Lancaster touched down and became the first ever rotary-wing aircraft to land at the Island’s Airport. One photos (attached) illustrate this, together with one aerial shot of St Helena Airport.

HMS Lancaster is the first Royal Navy Frigate to deploy with the advanced maritime attack helicopter Wildcat, which many Island residents will have seen in flight this week,conducting reconnaissance and taking aerial footage of the Island.

The versatile Wildcat, the latest generation of multi-role helicopter for the Royal Navy, is designed for a variety of roles, including anti-ship, anti-submarine, ship protection, casualty evacuation, battlefield reconnaissance and general utility.

Wildcat over St Helena Airport
Wildcat over St Helena Airport


15 October 2015

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