Dr Corinda Essex of Jamestown has been duly elected to serve as a Member of the St Helena Legislative Council.

Returning Officer Gillian Francis last night announced the results of Polling Day for the Bye-Election, held yesterday.

Dr Corinda Essex
Dr Corinda Essex

The total number of votes for each Candidate was:

Corinda Sebastiana Stuart Essex: 480
Brenda Elaine Moors: 60
Lionel George Williams: 39

The Count took place at the Castle from just after 8pm to just after 9.30pm last night.

In total 579 people cast valid votes. This represents approximately 25.6 % of those eligible to vote.

There were two invalid Ballot Papers.

13 March 2014

One thought on “Dr Corinda Essex Elected As Member of Legislative Council

  1. Dear Corinda,
    A voice from the past!
    Congratulations (though belated!) on your landslide election.

    Would be nice to hear from you, if you have time to drop a quick private email.

    Ref. your teaching me long ago for my English ‘A’level, I’m now studying Shakespeare in retirement, & we’ve been Globe attendees for some years.

    with very best wishes

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