The St Helena Resilience Forum has this afternoon confirmed minor contamination of the raw water reservoir at Levelwood.

Water already in the system and feeding people’s homes from the Levelwood Treatment Plant has been found to be low risk if consumed.

As we are currently awaiting the results of final tests, residents in Levelwood and Sandy Bay are strongly advised not to consume domestic water until further notice.

Free bottled water will be distributed later today to residents in these areas so as not to deplete water currently in the system.

The following also applies until further notice:

  • Supplied bottled water must only be used for drinking and cooking
  • Tap water must only be used for essential purposes like showering and washing
  • Please do not use your washing machine or dishwasher until further notice

A leaflet containing more information on how to reduce your water usage will be given to you with the bottled water.

Connect staff are working around the clock to fix this problem. The Resilience Forum will meet again tomorrow and residents will be informed of when domestic water supplies will return to normal.

Meanwhile, investigations continue into the original contamination of the reservoir.

The Resilience Forum would like to thank residents for their cooperation and reassures them that this situation will soon be resolved.

St Helena Resilience Forum

27 October 2016



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