The Social & Community Development Committee is currently seeking views on a proposed amendment to the St Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha Constitution. Amendment will allow for the prioritisation of persons with St Helenian status for employment and in additional ways such as Immigration, Engaging in any Business or Profession and Movement or Residence within the Territory, to provide the same opportunity that local populations in other British Overseas Territories already have.

The proposed amendment will allow laws to be passed that will enable persons with St Helenian status to have special treatment without breaching the protection against discrimination provided by the Constitution.

The final public consultation meeting will take place at Silver Hill Bar, Levelwood on Thursday, 27 April 2017, at 7.30pm, led by Councillor Brian Isaac. The public is encouraged to attend to provide the necessary feedback.

 Comments on the proposed amendment to the Constitution can be sent in writing to Hon Brian Isaac, Chairman Social & Community Development Committee, the Castle, or via email: In addition, comments can also be sent to Miss Nicole Plato, Secretary to the Social & Community Development Committee, the Castle, or via email: by no later than Tuesday, 2 May 2017.

 The proposed amendment to the relevant section of the Constitution is available in hard copy at the Public Library and is also available on the SHG Website at the following link:

 Social & Community Development Committee

25 April 2017


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