Ebony View 2
Ebony View 2

As previously announced, a new Safeguarding Directorate will be created in SHG from Monday 1 December 2014,  the purpose of which is to – Protect and Safeguard Vulnerable Children, Young People and Adults at Risk or Suffering From Abuse.

Social Services staff, including those based at Barn View, the current Challenging Behaviour Unit site (CBU) and the Family Centre, will form part of the new Safeguarding Directorate from 1 December – with the CCC and Older Persons Services transferring to the new Directorate by the end of March 2015.

The current Health & Social Services Directorate has a wide range of statutory and specialist functions that directly impact on the lives of people on St Helena. In creating the new Safeguarding Directorate, and although Health and Social Services are intrinsically linked, SHG was conscious that it is uncommon for these functions to sit under the same part of an organisation – principally as they are such large functions individually.  To ensure that the right support, leadership and service delivery are obtained from both services, the new Safeguarding Directorate will focus purely on Social Services and Safeguarding, allowing the Health functions to be managed separately.

The residents of the CBU were asked what they would like to call their new facility currently being finalised at Half Tree Hollow.  They chose Ebony View as the name.  This name will be formally adopted on completion of the new buildings early in 2015.  Final finishing touches are now being made to the buildings.

Ebony View 1
Ebony View 1

Helen Standen, Change Manager, said:

“The residents are really looking forward to moving into the purpose built and fully equipped apartments in Half Tree Hollow and we are delighted that the name ‘Ebony View’ has come from the residents themselves.”

Councillor Les Baldwin said:

“I am very pleased to welcome these new developments within the Safeguarding Directorate and look forward to delivering improved quality of life and increased standards of care for all our vulnerable people.”

Works are progressing well in completing the conversion of the former Half Tree Hollow School building into 4 units for the residents currently based at Sundale House. Each apartment will have its own kitchen, living room and two en-suite bedrooms – to support independent living in a safe environment. Work is expected to be completed in February 2015, ready for the residents to move into their new homes.

Two pictures are attached to this release.


28 November 2014


Corporate Support staff would like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who supported this year’s fundraising in aid of the 2014 Poppy Appeal Fund and to all who attended the Remembrance Service on Sunday 9 November 2014.

Special thanks are extended to Mr Mike Durnford and his team of volunteers, consisting of Girl Guides, Scouts, Cubs, Salvationists, Fire Service personnel, and Councillors whose efforts helped to increase funds for the Poppy Appeal and allowed Remembrance Sunday to be properly and respectfully observed.

Grateful thanks are extended to everyone here on Island who made generous contributions to the Fund, including Pilling Primary School (pictured) who contributed funds collected on their Night to Remember Service.  The RMS St Helena Charity, an anonymous donation, Sure South Atlantic Ltd and the RMS herself also gave generously.

Thanks also go to Connect St Helena Ltd, SAMS, Donny Stevens, Saint FM, Printech and all local retail outlets and bars who continue every year to support the Poppy Appeal.

A total sum of £2,435.50 was raised this year and will be sent on behalf of St Helena Island to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal in the UK.


28 November 2014


The public is reminded that no unathorised vehicles can be parked on the Wharf after working hours (ie from 4pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday).  Similarly at weekends, the Wharf will be closed from 4pm Friday afternoon through to Monday morning at 8.30pm.  Members of the public can seek authorisation from Port Management, for example to drop off or pick up goods or equipment.

The lower end of the Wharf, indentified by a yellow hatched area, is a no parking zone at all times.

There is no restriction on pedestrian access, except for ship visits or break bulk cargo operations.

There have been incidents when vehicles have been parked on the lower Wharf from Thompsons Crane to Solomon’s Cargo Shed – this area must be kept clear at all times in the case of an emergency.

These parking restrictions ensure that in the event of an emergency, the Wharf can be accessed quickly by emergency services, including deployment of the sea rescue boat when necessary.


27 November 2014

Attorney General 1
Attorney General 1

On Wednesday afternoon, 26 November 2014, Nicola Moore was sworn in as Attorney General for St Helena, taking the required Oaths necessary to serve on Executive and Legislative Councils, in the presence of Acting Governor Sean Burns.  Two pictures are attached.

Nicola said of her appointment:

“It is a privilege and honour to be taking up this appointment and I look forward to serving the people of St Helena, Tristan Da Cunha and Ascension Island.”


26 November 2014

Attorney General 2
Attorney General 2


 Executive Council met today, Tuesday 25 November 2014, to consider three items on the open agenda.

The first item was the Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations. These Regulations relate to the Civil Aviation Act Overseas Territories Order 2011 which is a UK Statutory Instrument.  The Regulations will allow us to comply with international requirements for the investigation of air accidents and incidents.

Executive Council approved the Regulations in order to meet accreditation requirements for St Helena Airport.  Further publicity will follow on this and other Regulations relating to the Airport.

The second item was the Minerals Vesting Bill.  This Bill extends the mineral area in, on or under the ocean surrounding St Helena from 12 to 200 miles.  As this protects the future economic development of the Island, Executive Council agreed for this Bill to be presented as Government Business at the next Formal Legislative Council on Thursday 11 December.

The third item was the Aerodrome Charges Regulations 2014.  These Regulations relate to the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013, another UK Statutory Instrument.  Charges will be levied on Airport users, including for landing, navigation and passenger services – to contribute to the operational costs of the Airport.

Executive Council approved the Regulations.

As this was Acting Attorney General Morag Stevenson’s last Executive Council meeting, she was thanked for her valuable contribution.  The new Attorney General, Nicola Moore, will take office on Thursday 27 November and Executive Council looks forward to working with her.

The meeting ended at 10.15am.  Thank you for listening.


25 November 2014



The Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference Concluding Statement presents the main issues and responses from delegates at the recent 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, 34th Small Branches Conference and Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians session – which concluded in early October in Cameroon.

The Conference Concluding Statement is available at: http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/publications/


21 November 2014


The owners of the Andrew Weir Group (AWG) recently embarked on a financial restructuring exercise to enable a debt owed to the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund (MNOPF) to be cleared and to move forward on other core non-marine activities.

To achieve this, AWG has announced that Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd (AWSL) has gone into voluntary administration (on Thurs 20 November 2014) and its assets sold to a new company, AW Ship Management Ltd, a joint venture company 50% owned by London based Hadley Shipping (RoRo) Ltd, (whose parent company is Hadley Shipping Ltd) – and 50% owned by a management buyout by existing members of the AWSL management team.

To ensure the continuity of the shipping service to St Helena, the St Helena Shipping Service Agreement terms, conditions and obligations will be transferred from AWSL to AW Ship Management Ltd under a novation agreement. AW Ship Management Ltd will be responsible for implementing all matters relating to the operation of the RMS St Helena on behalf of St Helena Line Ltd (SHL). All other AWSL contracts will transfer to AW Ship Management Ltd and all AWSL staff will also transfer to the new company.

RMS St Helena crew employment contracts which are currently with Bibby Ltd (Cayman Islands) will remain in force, with no change to current terms and conditions. Also, shore support arrangements on St Helena, Ascension and Cape Town will remain unchanged. Passengers and freight shippers will also see no change to booking arrangements and will continue to deal with the same staff.

St Helena Line is confident that the new company will maintain the current level of support for the RMS, SHG and all SHL shipping activities, and envisages that the change of ownership will be seamless in respect of passengers, shippers and staff – with all key contacts and operating personnel continuing their current roles.

For further information please contact SHG Press Office on tel: 22470.


21 November 2014

‘Geographical Information Systems’ (GIS) Day showcases the increasing importance of GIS in our everyday lives.GIS Data

On Wednesday 19 November 2014, the GIS team – GIS Manager Murray Henry, GIS Surveyor, Simon Bennett, GIS Topographical Surveyor, Cliff Richards, and GIS Surveyor Assistants Ron Knipe and Devlin Yon, held an open day at Essex House from 10am to 3pm – giving the public an opportunity to view displays and see the technology behind GIS.

Databases were shown on PCs portraying the mapping analysis of historical and agricultural buildings and electricity and water lines, which helps businesses in forming decisions and for project management. One example of an island business using GIS data is Pro-Arc.

GIS Diaplays GIS Surveyor Assistant Devlin Yon commented on the day:

 “Overall the day went well. We had on display surveying equipment that we use to do land registry and topographic surveying, and also GIS maps showing people information and data we collect and enter onto our systems in the office.”

Team members have also been visiting schools through the week, delivering presentations to inform students about the significance of Geographical Information Systems, and its relevance on St Helena.

GIS allows for the storing and analysis of geographical features in digital format. It is beneficial to St Helena as it allows users to overlay various features/information to assist in answering questions and solving problems such as finding out the best place for a development by assessing access routes, utilities and terrain etc.

Two photos are attached.


21 November 2014



Councillor Lawson Henry will represent St Helena at the annual Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) to be held in London between 1- 4 December along with Governor Capes and SHG UK Representative, Kedell Worboys MBE.  This is the second time that Councillor Henry has attended the JMC, having last attended in November 2013.

Councillor Henry remarked on his previous experience:

“From attending the 2013 Joint Ministerial Council I took away shared values and experiences of other territories and the common challenges we face. Nominating me again to attend JMC provides continuity and gives me more confidence to build these relationships and share knowledge. ”

The attendance by Councillors at international conferences allows opportunities to meet colleagues and Ministers, to raise issues directly about the Island, highlight common issues and find better ways to work together.

Councillor Henry will be able to discuss matters relating to security, immigration, health and the environment and to highlight the challenges St Helena faces.  It is also proposed to hold a workshop led by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, on the financing of renewable energy investments.

Councillor Henry added:

“There are also specific issues which I will raise.  For example doctors in the UK have to be re-validated to keep their General Medical Council registration and the GMC does not recognise time spent on St Helena for this process.  Some doctors registered in the UK are therefore reluctant to come to St Helena.  I will follow up on ongoing discussions with a view to changing this requirement so that all time spent on St Helena (and indeed other overseas territories), is recognised by the GMC for registration purposes”

Councillor Henry will depart the Island on Thursday 20 November 2014.


19 November 2014