Ebony View 2
Ebony View 2

As previously announced, a new Safeguarding Directorate will be created in SHG from Monday 1 December 2014,  the purpose of which is to – Protect and Safeguard Vulnerable Children, Young People and Adults at Risk or Suffering From Abuse.

Social Services staff, including those based at Barn View, the current Challenging Behaviour Unit site (CBU) and the Family Centre, will form part of the new Safeguarding Directorate from 1 December – with the CCC and Older Persons Services transferring to the new Directorate by the end of March 2015.

The current Health & Social Services Directorate has a wide range of statutory and specialist functions that directly impact on the lives of people on St Helena. In creating the new Safeguarding Directorate, and although Health and Social Services are intrinsically linked, SHG was conscious that it is uncommon for these functions to sit under the same part of an organisation – principally as they are such large functions individually.  To ensure that the right support, leadership and service delivery are obtained from both services, the new Safeguarding Directorate will focus purely on Social Services and Safeguarding, allowing the Health functions to be managed separately.

The residents of the CBU were asked what they would like to call their new facility currently being finalised at Half Tree Hollow.  They chose Ebony View as the name.  This name will be formally adopted on completion of the new buildings early in 2015.  Final finishing touches are now being made to the buildings.

Ebony View 1
Ebony View 1

Helen Standen, Change Manager, said:

“The residents are really looking forward to moving into the purpose built and fully equipped apartments in Half Tree Hollow and we are delighted that the name ‘Ebony View’ has come from the residents themselves.”

Councillor Les Baldwin said:

“I am very pleased to welcome these new developments within the Safeguarding Directorate and look forward to delivering improved quality of life and increased standards of care for all our vulnerable people.”

Works are progressing well in completing the conversion of the former Half Tree Hollow School building into 4 units for the residents currently based at Sundale House. Each apartment will have its own kitchen, living room and two en-suite bedrooms – to support independent living in a safe environment. Work is expected to be completed in February 2015, ready for the residents to move into their new homes.

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28 November 2014



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