For their second round of meetings with constituents Councillors will be taking a more personal approach by holding constituency surgeries instead of the normal constituency meetings.

The surgeries will be led by two Councillors in the various districts and will provide an opportunity for constituents to discuss matters affecting them face to face with their Councillor. If constituents have a shared concern, they can be seen together. Once the discussion has taken place, constituents will be sent a written response as quickly as possible.

The surgeries will run from mid-August to September 2014 on Saturdays between 10am and 12noon.

Dates and locations of the surgeries are detailed below:

From 10am to 12noon
Venue Date Councillors attending
Blue Hill Community Centre 16 August Tony Duncan & Lawson Henry
St Michael’s Church, Ruperts 16 August Ian Rummery & Christine


St Mary’s Church, The Briars 23 August Cyril George & Ian Rummery
Levelwood Community Centre 23 August Nigel Dollery & Derek Thomas
Half Tree Hollow Clinic 30 August Nigel Dollery & Lawson Henry
Kingshurst Community Centre, St Paul’s 30 August Gavin Ellick & Christine


Harford Community Centre, Longwood 30 August Les Baldwin & Brian Isaac
No.3 Main Street, Jamestown 6  September Brian Isaac & Bernice Olsson
Sandy Bay Community Centre 6  September Dr Corinda Essex & Gavin Ellick











If you would like to give Councillors advance notice of your concern before attending a surgery, you can do so by contacting the Secretary to Elected Members, Anita Legg, on Tel: 22590 or email: sec.em@helanta.co.sh

On Behalf of St Helena Legislative Council

4 August 2014


Stacey at Buckingham Palace - Garden Party
Stacey at Buckingham Palace – Garden Party

Stacey Thomas from Longwood has been awarded a First Class Honours Degree at the University of Hertfordshire, studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Stacey began her journey by studying on the Foundation Degree in Learning Support course, where she completed modules including Managing Inclusion Frameworks and Issues, ICT for Supporting Learning and Teaching, Working with Children with Specific Learning Difficulties, Behaviour Management, Speech and Language and Autism.  In addition, she completed a practice-based enquiry.

As part of the Foundation Degree, Stacey worked as aTeaching Assistant and volunteered in a Special Educational Needs school for pupils with moderate learning difficulties.

Stacey commented:

“This was a crucial part of my studies which helped me in linking theory with practice.  In addition, I gained first-hand experience working in a UK school as well as building a bank of teaching ideas for my personal practice in the future.”

After passing the Foundation Degree with a Distinction, Stacey aspired to enrol on the final year of the BEd (Primary) Programme.  In order to gain direct entry onto the course from the Foundation Degree, individuals had to attend an interview and pass Maths and Literacy Skills tests – Stacey passed both requirements and was offered a place on the course.

The BEd Degree saw Stacey covering modules which focused on Developing Professional Practice, English across the Curriculum, how to become an Outstanding Maths Teacher and Developing a Creative Curriculum.

“These modules gave high focus on enquiry, exploration, discovery and critical reflection, which helped me in identifying my core values and beliefs as a teacher.  Furthermore, the theory learnt within these modules were very beneficial during my school- based training.” 

Stacey also underwent school placements to build her knowledge and competence – accomplished by completing a project with a Year 2 class at a Junior Mixed Infant School, and planning and teaching a small group in English and Mathematics.

Stacey completed her school-based training with a Year 4 class in a Junior School – enabling her to understand the requirements expected of teachers, as specified in the Standards for Qualified Teaching Status – which centres around managing childrens’ learning efficiently, creating a conducive learning environment and meeting the needs of individual pupils.

Stacey added:

“By the end of my placement, I was teaching 80% of the class timetable.  I thoroughly enjoyed my school-based training, where I learnt a great deal from my mentors and the students.  I was extremely pleased to be graded Outstanding at the end of the placement.

“The past three years have been both challenging and rewarding.  It has also given me the confidence to take on my next challenge which is to successfully complete my Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year.  I would like to thank the Education Department, Mr Brian Fredericks, Matthew and all of my family, friends and colleagues for their continuous support and words of encouragement throughout.”  

Colin Moore, Director of Education, concluded:

“Gaining a First Class Honours Degree is a very impressive achievement. Stacey is such a talented young teacher who has all the qualities and specialist skills that the Island needs as we continue to raise educational standards on St Helena.

“Everybody is thrilled for Stacey.  On behalf of the Directorate and the wider community, I would like to offer our congratulations to her. Well done Stacey.”

Stacey Graduates
Stacey Graduates


4 August 2014



Legislative Council will meet formally on Monday 11 August, at 10am in the Court House – with the session expected to last a day.

The following Bills will be presented:

  1. A Bill for an Ordinance – Protection of Wrecks and Marine Archaeological Heritage Ordinance, 2014
  2. A Bill for an Ordinance – Spear Guns Control Ordinance, 2014
  3. A Bill for an Ordinance – Customs and Excise (Amendment No. 2) Ordinance, 2014

The full Order Paper will be issued next week.


1 August 2014


  • 6 Nature reserves and 1 Sanctuary created to protect a unique blend of wild and plant life, including endemic species.


  • 20% of Ascension’s land now covered by special measures to reduce the threat to vulnerable species.


The UK Overseas Territory of Ascension Island has committed 20% of its land area to the protection of a diverse range of animal and plant life. The South Atlantic territory, which lies midway between Brazil and Africa, is home to some of the region’s largest sea turtle and seabird nesting colonies, as well as many unique species of plants and invertebrates. On 28 July, His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of Ascension, enacted legislation that created seven new nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries to complement the one existing national park.

The Island’s three main turtle nesting beaches, which together support more than a half of all green turtle nesting in the South Atlantic Ocean – as many as 25,000 nests per year – are among the sites protected. The dramatic seabird nesting colonies of the Wideawake Fairs, Boatswain Bird Island and the Letterbox Peninsula, home to more than 800,000 nesting seabirds, also receive legal protection for the first time.

In enacting the legislation, Governor Mark Capes said, “We are committed to enhancing our ability to provide long-term protection of the environment on Ascension Island which hosts an extraordinary range of animals and plants, some of which are found only on Ascension. I commend the Ascension Island Council for their leadership in developing this legislation and for recommending it to me for enactment.”

Councillor Caroline Yon MBE, Chairman of the Island Council’s Biodiversity & Fisheries Protection Committee, said, “Ascension Island’s residents have already demonstrated a deep respect for the biodiversity around us. Creating protected areas takes this commitment a step further and will enable the Government to attract and deploy funding to ensure that these areas are carefully restored and managed for wildlife.”

The decision to protect large areas for wildlife was taken during a two year project funded by the UK Government’s Darwin Initiative to develop a national biodiversity strategy for Ascension Island. The project, which is being led by Ascension Island Government and the University of Exeter, brings together a consortium of organisations with an interest in preserving the Island’s incredible natural heritage.

   Speaking of the new legislation, Drs Sam and Nicola Weber, who are coordinating the project locally, said, “This marks a real milestone in nature conservation on Ascension Island. By restricting development and  irresponsible use, this legislation gives the Government the tools it needs to safeguard the Island’s most iconic wildlife sites for the future.” “The decision to create new nature reserves has received considerable  support from across the community”, the pair added, “which shows how seriously environmental stewardship is currently taken on the Island.”


With an area of only 37 square miles and a population of just 800 people, Ascension Island is one of the smallest and least populous of the UK’s inhabited overseas territories. However, the Island has a long history of use as a military base and telecommunications hub: functions that have not always coexisted harmoniously with the environment. In the past, activities such as sand mining and unregulated development have impacted some of the Island’s most important wildlife habitat. Exotic plants and animals, introduced to the Island by people, also continue to threaten many areas.

Contact Point

Dr Sam Weber, Conservation Department (sam.weber@ascension.gov.ac) 00-247-6359.


28 July 2014

A major step forward in safeguarding procedures on St Helena was taken on Tuesday 29 July 2014 with the opening of the Victim Interviewing Suite in Longwood.

The ‘Anne’ Suite is a newly refurbished centre where victims of sex offences or other abuse can be confidentially interviewed – and represents a significant financial and social commitment from St Helena Government and Councillors to support vulnerable members of our society.

The suite was officially opened by HE Governor Capes in the presence of invited guests. Chief of Police Trevor Botting welcomed all present and stressed the vital importance of safeguarding on St Helena.

Governor Capes said:

‘The opening of the Anne Suite is an important milestone in the work of St Helena Government to safeguard people on St Helena – this suite is part of our ongoing work and commitment to protect the vulnerable in society.

Interviewing Suite
Interviewing Suite


‘St Helena doesn’t have all the resources it might like to have and we have to prioritise our money extremely carefully, but despite competing pressures the fact that we put our money into protecting the vulnerable speaks volumes for our commitment and a huge thank you to everyone for putting this together.’

Medical Examination Area
Medical Examination Area

Echoing Governor Capes, DC Veronica Judd spoke of how important it is for the Police Service to have within the community a safe neutral environment in which they can make a report. She said:

We the police recognise that it is a very difficult thing to come forward to us and make a complaint and it takes a huge amount of courage to do so. We would like to assure the vulnerable in our society that we  are here to deal with their reports professionally and want the public to know that every individual will be supported.

  ‘We take every allegation extremely seriously and every report will be fully investigated and, most importantly, will be treated in the strictest confidence – we urge people to come forward and make their report to us.’

  The suite itself is spacious and equipped with state of the art interviewing and video equipment for people to give and have their statement properly recorded. There is also a place for victims to be medically examined if they need to. The rooms have been designed to provide a comfortable, caring and safe environment for victims of abuse.

The suite supports the excellent progress that has been made in the development of safeguarding procedures on the Island by the Police, Social Services, Education and other partners and volunteers in taking care of those in need.

Artwork providing a calming ambience was contributed by Lindsey McGinnety, Andy Crowe, Dave Higgins and Jill Key. Thanks are extended to all those who have made this suite happen.

HE Governor Capes and DC Veronica Judd
HE Governor Capes and DC Veronica Judd

The suite is dedicated to ‘Anne’ for her courage, fortitude and belief in the system to bring to justice a dangerous offender.


30 July 2014

Benjamin Hathway
Benjamin Hathway

St Helena Government’s new Roads Manager, Benjamin (Ben) Hathway (photo attached) arrived on Island on Wednesday 23 July 2014 on a three year contract.

Ben is based at Donkey Plain and as Roads Manager is responsible for the entire road network on the Island. His role will include looking after the Island’s roads, managing the workforce, putting together operational programmes and working with other sections of the Environment and Natural Resources Directorate to ensure a joined up approach to roads management.

Ben will be building on the work of the previous Roads Manager, including slightly modifying some production methods, trialling other materials, inspecting roads and producing phased work programmes based on these inspections.

Ben explains:

“My main priorities over the coming weeks will be to understand key issues regarding the roads on St Helena and working to begin to resolve them. There is no quick solution and everything will take time but hopefully I can start to address the challenges we may have.”

Ben added:

‘Roads management on St Helena is vital. The main ways of getting around the Island are using private or public transport, and walking. The roads network on the Island, like anywhere else in the world, is central for business and social uses. It is therefore crucial the network is maintained to a good standard.’

Ben has 23 years roads experience and started his career as a road worker. He worked his way up to Roads Inspector and spent a number of years as a Quantity Surveyor. Prior to his arrival on St Helena, Ben was the Network Manager for Cambridgeshire County Council in the UK.

Ben concluded:

‘I’m looking forward to working on St Helena and serving the Island community – the people of St Helena have made me and my family feel very welcome and we are settling into our new home.

‘During the next few months I will be doing my best to understand issues affecting the roads on St Helena and will be happy to speak with anyone to hear their views.’


29 July 2014



Poultry breeding on St Helena involves activities such as the importation of chicken parent stock and the production, brooding and sale of 3-week old chicks.  For many years this service has been available from the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division (ANRD) to local egg producers and smallholders.

ANRD has been seeking private sector interest in taking on the key elements of the existing poultry breeding service – so that their Veterinary and Livestock Section can concentrate on delivery of their core services to livestock producers and the general public.  This partnership will also achieve a reduction in subsidy for the poultry breeding service.

On 18 July 2014, Rodney Yon of White Gate, owner of Roddy’s Chicken Farm, entered into a 3 year partnership arrangement with ANRD to manage their current poultry breeding service and establish further egg production housing to increase egg production at Roddy’s Farm to meet the needs of the Island.  ANRD will continue the importation of chicken parent stock as and when required to ensure biosecurity requirements are met, and will provide veterinary support and advice to Rodney to enable chick production to continue.

Head of ANRD, Darren Duncan, commented:

“It is pleasing to see a private sector operator prepared to share risk through partnership with SHG and ESH to deliver an important agricultural service to the community and to scale up egg production.  This will increase production of a product for which we have a competitive advantage and which we rely on as a staple food”.

Enterprise St Helena (ESH) has been instrumental in supporting Rodney to realise this expansion and both ANRD and ESH have provided funding under the SHG/Private Sector Agriculture Partnership Policy to enable Rodney to combine this new service with a larger egg production operation from the ANRD poultry unit premises near Sunnyside.


ESH Private Sector Development Manager, Martin George, said:

“This is indeed a proud step in the right direction.  Rodney is one of many individuals that demonstrate enthusiasm in commercial development and is evidence of the success of the public private partnership policy.”

Rodney added:

“I am extremely excited to start this new venture.  I have signed a lot of contracts in my life and this contract tops them all.” 

From 1 August 2014, all requests for pullets (young hens) should be made to Rodney Yon on telephone 23633.

Two pictures accompany this release.


29 July 2014


An Island Major Incident Plan is currently being finalised, centred on emergency planning arrangements that need to be in place should a major incident occur on St Helena. While the chances of a major incident occurring on the Island are very low, it is important that the right planning and preparedness are in place to deal with any such situation promptly and effectively.

The Major Incident Plan is being developed around identifying the biggest risks facing the Island and reducing these risks as much as possible. To ensure this, the Emergency Planning team – led by Alistair Smith – are currently identifying the Island’s existing capability to deal with major incidents and fine tuning any gaps in the process. They are putting together both a general Major Incident Plan and also some specific plans where the highest risks have been identified.

The public can be assured that having a robust emergency plan in place for the Island is being taken very seriously. Once completed the plan will not only look at potential Airport-related incidents – although this will be tested as part of the Airport Certification process – but will serve the Island as a whole.

The plan will operate under a ‘one Island’ team effort and in the event of a major incident key functions of the plan will include keeping the public informed, minimising the  impact and ensuring things return back to normal as quickly as possible.

In order for the plan to achieve its intention, over the next few months a series of training and tests will take place across SHG and the Island to ensure its effectiveness. The feedback from the consultation undertaken so far across SHG, utility functions, Basil Read and community groups has been very positive and over the next few months the emergency planning team will be holding further meetings within the community and will be looking to identify individuals who have skills that could be called upon in the event of a major incident.

A major incident exercise will be held on 17 December 2014 which will be an essential part of preparation and implementation of the plan. This will be a whole Island event and people are kindly asked, if at all possible, to avoid planning any major Island activities on this day. The public will be kept informed of developments leading up to December’s exercise and community groups interested in taking part are asked to contact Alistair through the St Helena Access Office, on tel: 22721 or email: Alistair.Smith@sainthelena.gov.sh


28 July 2014

A large area of natural land surface at the Airport site (Prosperous Bay Plain) will of course be lost to construction and associated project works for St Helena’s Airport.

To record the invertebrates present in the area and to get a better understanding of the distribution of endemic, native and non-native (invasive) plant species, in February 2014 the Access Office commissioned St Helena National Trust to conduct a survey of the area prior to its loss, as a part of the Landscape and Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP).

The survey has allowed pre-construction mitigation activities to take place, such as lichen translocations, and will inform post construction rehabilitation, such as planting arrangements, in this area.

The findings are contained within the St Helena Airport North Runway Invertebrate, Plant and Endemic Lichen Survey which is now available on the St Helena Access website at http://www.sainthelenaaccess.com/application/



28 July 2014

A new St Helena Port Authority has now been established, to replace the former Harbour Board, taking over its functions and responsibilities. The Authority consists of 12 permanent members divided equally into two separate sub-committees:

Port Security Committee

  •       Police Dept (Merlin George)
  •       H.M. Customs (Lionel Joshua)
  •       Immigration (Emerald Newman)
  •       Harbourmaster’s Office  (Steve Kirk)
  •       ANRD Biosecurity Officer (Jill Key)
  •       Private Security Contractor (Paul Laban)

This committee deals with law enforcement, border control and security at Jamestown Wharf and in Rupert’s Bay, fulfilling the requirements of the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).

Port Stakeholders Committee

  • Diving Club  (Graham Sim)
  • Fisheries Manager (Terry Richards)
  • Life Boat (Fire Service) (Alan Thomas)
  • Queen Mary & Victoria Stores (Gregory Cairns-Wicks)
  • Solomons & Co (Jason Thomas)
  • Thorpe & Sons (Nick Thorpe)

To allow for a fair and balanced cross-section of the Wharf community, membership of this committee is split equally between the largest merchants and other Wharf users. This committee fulfils the requirements of Chapter 47 of the St Helena Harbours Ordinance.

Both committees will convene every three months, unless events or circumstances dictate otherwise, when emergency meetings can be called. The Chairman of the Port Authority is the Harbourmaster, who may appoint a Vice-Chairman for each sub-committee as agreed by the members.


28 July 2014