Further to the press release issued yesterday (Tuesday 9 September 2014) regarding Outpatient Clinics, the Health & Social Services Directorate would like to remind the public of the dates and times of the Pharmacy Bus facility in the districts:

  • Half Tree Hollow Clinic – Every Monday from 10am
  • Longwood Clinic – Alternate Wednesdays (from today, 10 September 2014)
  • Levelwood Clinic – Once every 4 weeks ( the next visit to Levelwood will be on Thursday 25 September 2014)

The Directorate thanks the public in advance for its understanding and cooperation.


10 September 2014

On 12 August 2014,ExCo agreed to the allocation of £1m of extra funding to build a newsolar farm for electricity generation on St Helena.The new funding has been identified specifically to support only renewable energy projects, and must be spent in this financial year, 2014/15. ExCo was very supportive of this proposal as solar generated electricity reduces the Island’s reliance on diesel imports for power generation.

This new project will place St Helena at the forefront of renewable energy technology, and work to identify the most suitable site on the Island has now been completed.

Currently, approximately 20% of St Helena’s energy comes from wind power, with the remaining 80% from diesel.Decreasing the use of diesel and increasing the use of natural sources of energy benefits St Helena’s economy and reduces our dependency on imports.The first phase of the solar farm will increase renewable energy capacity on the Island to close to 30%, putting St Helena way ahead of the UK with regards to clean energy. Producing solar energy also aligns generation with peak day time demand.

Connect SaintHelenaLtd is now submitting a Planning Application for  a large solar farm around the current site of the rifle range at HalfTreeHollow.This siteis earmarked for commercial development and has been initially identified from a number of possible locations. A replacement rifle range is also under consideration.

The normal consultation process has now begun,with all stakeholders,including local businesses and the Rifle Association to be fully consulted. Public meetings are also planned.

Trevor Graham,Director of the Environment& Natural Resources Directorate,said:

While many countries around the world talk about the need to increase renewable energy, few are making actual and major progress. Global leaders on renewable energy are often cities and islands,such as the Marshall Islands in the Pacific and Samso off the coast of Denmark. We intend to learn from these and others.

This is an exciting opportunity for St Helena and a major step towards becoming self- sufficient in energy.’

Further details will be provided in due course.

SHG & Connect Saint Helena Ltd

10 September 2014


Due to an unusual and high number of nurse staff absences, the Health & Social Services Directorate wishes to inform the public that non-Jamestown outpatient clinics are temporarily unavailable from tomorrow morning (10 September 2014). This includes the nurse-led clinics in various districts.

Emergency services, the Jamestown clinic, and the pharmacy bus will operate as normal. 

Those with existing appointments in the outlying clinics will be rescheduled.  This situation is temporary and the public will be kept informed.  The Directorate thanks the public in advance for its understanding and cooperation.


9 September 2014


St Helena Government is pleased to announce the finalisation of the Fuel Management Contract between SHG and GreyStar Europe to operate the new Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) in Rupert’s Valley.

The agreement, drawn up by SHG, DfID and Advisors Faithful & Gould, commits GreyStar to provide fuel services for St Helena for 10 years after the commencement of Airport operations.

Engineering Company GreyStar Europe, part of a group of companies Penspen Ltd, is an international specialist in facilities management in the oil, gas, power and utility sectors.

Working with Solomons, GreyStar will operate the new BFI and Airport Fuel Facility, and manage the provision of both aviation and ground fuels to international standards. They will operate and maintain the facilities for the duration of the term, working closely with SHG.

Deputy Airport Project Director Clare Harris said:

“Provision of aviation fuel is, of course, a critical component of the Airport project. The appointment of GreyStar will ensure that St Helena has the skills and capacity to refuel aircraft at the commencement of air services. GreyStar, working with Solomons, will also assume management of the Island’s ground fuels. This is expected to deliver better fuel security and minimise costs through economies of scale.   

“We look forward to welcoming the GreyStar team to St Helena for preparatory work to ensure that everything is in place once all of the new facilities, under construction by Basil Read, are completed.”

The pricing of both aviation and ground fuels will remain the responsibility of SHG and the process will be similar to that currently followed, including financial modelling on the price of fuels.

Head of GreyStar, Robert Lawson added:

“We are delighted to have finalised the Fuel Management Contract with St Helena Government and look forward to working in partnership with them over the coming years. Phil Bloomfield, our Head of Operations, has already started mobilisation work.

“We are now establishing our supply chain, and appointing key people to deliver this contract. Another key priority is to place orders for airside refuelling vehicles which have a long lead time. We are also keen to get key team members to St Helena at the earliest opportunity.”


9 September 2014



St Helena Government is pleased to announce that Invitations to Tender (ITT) for the provision of air services to St Helena have today been issued to pre-qualified parties.

The first stage of the formal process to procure an air service provider to St Helena began in June 2014, with interested parties responding to a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). The responses have been reviewed and the successful pre-qualifying parties have today been issued with the ITT.

Pre-qualified parties will develop proposals over the coming weeks and the deadline for the submission of initial tenders is Friday 24 October 2014.

Further details will be provided in due course.


8 September 2014




Police Uniforms
Police Uniforms
Police Uniforms in action
Police Uniforms in Action

The St Helena Police Service took delivery of twelve parcels of Police uniform from last week’s arrival of the RMS, donated by Sussex Police in the UK. The items include fleeces, epaulettes, trousers, operational tops, boots and webbing belts.  The donated uniform will be used to provide a number of new recruits with uniform over the next 12 months, as well as for replacing worn uniforms.

Chief of Police Trevor Botting said:

‘I am very grateful to my previous Force, Sussex Police, for their kind donation. The uniform will ensure that my officers are well prepared for their duty as well as looking smart and professional. This donation will make a real difference to the Police Service on St Helena and Ascension Island.’

Two photos are attached to this release.

Trevor Botting

Chief of Police 

St Helena Police Service & Ascension Island Detachment


8 September 2014 



Madolyn & Jordie Andrews
Madolyn & Jordie Andrews

A reception was hosted by HE the Governor and Mrs Capes last night at Plantation House, to welcome back St Helena’s Commonwealth Games participants and celebrate their achievements with family, friends and officials.

Governor Capes welcomed back all team members and said that they should be very proud of their performances and the manner in which they represented Team St Helena – generating extensive and disproportionate publicity internationally.

The Governor said:

“There was a great amount of interest shown in the team’s journey and the actual time it took for our team to reach Glasgow.  In 2018, for the next Commonwealth Games, to be held in Australia, the journey will be a little different and much easier!”    

Governor Capes welcomed back Patrick Young, Chelsea Benjamin, Madolyn Andrews, Jordie Andrews and Ben Dillon.  Extended thanks were also given to participants and officials who are currently off the Island – Simon Henry, Lee Yon, Duane March, Vernon Smeed, Ryan Benjamin, Nicky Stevens, Maria Benjamin, Andrew Lawrence and Helen Joshua.

Pam Young, Chef De Mission, said that for some of the participants this was the first event of this size and for some it was the first time to travel so far from home.

Pam continued:

“But like true explorers, they embraced their journey and are now planning for future games.  These were certainly the ‘friendly games’ as we met so many people and the memories will live on.  The lessons learnt will also help us plan for 2018.”   

Ben Dillon receiving his medal
Ben Dillon receiving his medal

Madolyn Andrews concluded the presentation and thanked everyone in attendance for their support and encouragement to strive to compete once again.   Shooters Madolyn and Jordie Andrews said they had a fantastic experience, and particularly mentioned the pleasure of shooting on a professional range.  They hope that St Helena will eventually acquire a full size shooting range which will allow them to properly practice for future Commonwealth Games.

A commemorative medal was presented by Governor Capes to each athlete and to the officials present (Pam Young and Pat Henry).  St Helena UK Representative Kedell Worboys presented medals to some athletes and officials who are in the UK.


5 September 2014


Appointment of Acting Sheriff
Appointment of Acting Sheriff

Harry Legg OBE JP has been appointed by Governor Capes as Acting Sheriff of St Helena (see attached photo), whilst the current Sheriff, Greta Pat Musk MBE JP, is away from the Island.

The Sheriff’s prescribed Oaths were taken before the Governor in his Office at the Castle and became immediately effective from 4 September 2014.

The Sheriff of St Helena is nominally responsible for enforcing Court Orders, and this is usually carried out by the Police on the Sheriff’s behalf. The Sheriff is also responsible for summoning Jurors when a Jury is required, either in the Supreme Court or for a Coroner’s Inquest.  The most conspicuous public role, however, is the Swearing In of Governors and Acting Governors.




5 September 2014

‘A Look at St Helena’s Marine Life’, will be shown on local TV channel 1, commencing on Friday 5 September.

The film is the finale of the Darwin funded Biodiversity and Habitat Mapping Project led by Dr Judith Brown.  The documentary showcases St Helena’s marine environment and fosters an appreciation of its splendour, diversity and need for protection.  The film is 30mins in length and focuses on St Helena’s endemic fauna.

Timings for broadcast are shown below:


  • Friday 5 September –        19:10
  • Saturday 6 September –   18:55
  • Sunday 7 September –     19:00
  • Monday 8 September –    19:00
  • Tuesday 9 September –   19:00


3 September 2014