Arriving on the RMS tomorrow (Tuesday 11 August 2015) are Basil Read Certification & Operational Readiness Manager, Simon Walker, and Basil Read Airport Manager, Nigel Spackman.

Nigel arrives to take up his post on-Island full-time and Simon will be visiting until 18 August to finalise plans for calibration flights and the November audits.

The historic calibration flights are currently scheduled for mid-September.  Prior to this, Basil Read will need to obtain approval from Air Safety Support International (ASSI) for temporary use of the runway.  ASSI’s Senior Aerodrome Inspector is expected to arrive on-Island on 29 August to carry out his assessment; only after this will the calibration flights be confirmed.

More information on the calibration flights will follow in this week’s Airport Update.


10 August 2015

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