The following is a Public Announcement from Port Control:

Jamestown Wharf

Port Control would like to advise that the Jamestown Wharf will open to the public as normal from 4pm today, Thursday 18 April 2019. All ‘break bulk’ cargo has now been cleared from the Wharf and Port Control would like to thank Merchants and other parties for clearing the area in time for the Wharf to open for the Easter weekend.

Rupert’s Wharf

Rupert’s Wharf and beach is now open to the public until midnight on Friday, 19 April 2019. Thereafter, Rupert’s Wharf including the beach area, will be closed to the public over the Easter weekend for the arrival of the fuel tanker and fuel operations to take place.

Emergency Services will be granted access to Rupert’s Wharf and beach area at all times.

The public will be informed as to when Rupert’s will reopen to the public.

18 April 2019

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