Lobster Science Workshop – Thursday 18 April

The Marine and Fisheries Conservation Section invite all fishers to an educational workshop focusing on lobster, crayfish and stump. The workshop will be held at the Canister in Jamestown at 18:00 on Thursday 18 April 2024. It is expected to last an hour.

The aim of this workshop will be to inform fishers on methods for biological sampling, how landings are calculated and how fishers can help with the scientific process of data collection.

The workshop will include a presentation on the science that informs lobster quotas, a demonstration of practical skills, including free calipers for attendees to use when measuring lobsters, and information on how fishers can support science efforts.

For further information please contact Marine and Fisheries Conservation Officer Kirsty Jones by email through Kirsty.jones@sainthelena.gov.sh, or by telephone on 25966.

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