Training In Boat Operation and Safety at Sea Requirements Completed

In January this year, the Maritime Authority collaborated with the Blue Belt Programme to offer a pilot competency in boat operation and safety at sea of crew training package. The training package was developed to suit local operators and complement current experience, providing a platform for formal certification. 

The training took place from Monday 8 January to Friday 19 January 2024 and was delivered by National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) South Africa trainer, Graeme Harding. Graeme has extensive professional knowledge and experience and has been responsible for delivering training to the St Helena Sea Rescue Service since July 2015.

The training was based on the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) basic safety standards for knowledge and competency of ‘skippering’ small vessels, and predominantly included theory sessions along with a short practical application.

This training package served as a pilot exercise to help inform potential future requirements for the island around Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). On this occasion the training was therefore delivered to SHG staff involved in marine related work which requires the use of multiple vessels, and vessel contractors who support fisheries and conservation projects under the Blue Belt Programme. 

Trainer Graeme Harding commented on the training:

“I am pleased to have been here to train the crew. This is a really positive step for St Helena, and is really just the start of the journey. I think it went very well and hopefully we can follow this up with further training to equip St Helena with the necessary tools to continue to carry out certified maritime safety standards.”

A certificate presentation was held at the conference room at the Customs House on Friday 19 January 2024.

One of the trainees who received their certificate of attendance, Jolan Henry, commented:

“I found the training very interesting and informative. I now feel more confident to use what I learnt in the training whilst out at sea.”

The experience of this pilot scheme will now be used to consider options around ensuring that safety aspects for maritime users are suitable for local circumstances, whilst also reflecting international standards. The successful training gives SHG assurance of safety measures when conducting marine related work, and takes a practical approach to how we establish safety compliance within the local boating community in the future.


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