Governor Issues Writ Of Election For 2024 Bye-Election

Acting Governor Tasha Harris has today issued the Writ of Election for the upcoming bye-election to be held on Wednesday, 14 August 2024.

The Writ confirms the last day and time for receiving nominations to elect a new member to fill the vacant seat on Legislative Council.

The last day and time for receiving nominations is 12:00 on Wednesday, 31 July 2024, and all nominations should be delivered within this time to the Returning Officer Mrs Carol Henry, at the Castle, Jamestown.

Nomination forms are available on the Government website here: or can be obtained from The Castle reception, the Customer Service Centre and the Public Library.

If more than one nomination is received, a poll will be take on Wednesday, 14 August, at the following polling stations:

  • Blue Hill Community Centre
  • Half Tree Hollow Community Centre 
  • Harford Community Centre
  • St Mary’s Church, The Briars
  • Kingshurst Community Centre
  • Levelwood Community Centre
  • Jamestown Community Centre
  • Sandy Bay Community Centre

The Register of Electors effective from 1 July 2024 which was published today will be used in the bye-election.

Only those persons with their name on this Register of Electors will be eligible to participate in the bye-election, with those who are 21 years of age and over being able to stand for election.

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