Executive Council Approves Immigration Policy

The Immigration Policy 2024 was approved by Executive Council on Tuesday 7 May 2024. The policy, which supports increasing the working aged population, is critical to growing the economy and sustainable prosperity for the island.

To fuel economic growth, this policy aims to attract a skilled workforce with streamlined, user-friendly processes for visitors, professionals, and investors. Importantly, there are no changes to St Helenian Status or existing partner exemptions.

To ensure smooth execution, the policy comes with a detailed implementation plan. This plan outlines the necessary steps, including revisions to immigration laws and timeframes for enacting complementary policies. These complementary policies address various aspects like health fees, minimum wage adjustments, public transportation access, land ownership rights for immigrants, property transactions (disposal and purchase), and stamp duty regulations.

To strengthen border security, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed with the UK Home Office, granting access to their watch lists. Additionally, training for immigration staff will be facilitated.

A dedicated Head of Customs and Immigration will be appointed in July of this year to further support staff training and ensure the policy’s smooth implementation. Securing funding for modern immigration equipment remains a crucial step.

It is envisaged that the legislation will be enacted in September 2024.

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