Alcohol Awareness Week: 1 To 7 July 2024

St Helena Government joins the world in raising awareness about the effects of alcohol during Alcohol Awareness Week, which takes place from 1 to 7 July 2024. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Understanding alcohol harm’. The Health Promotion team are encouraging all to get involved in this year’s campaign by talking about the ways in which alcohol harms us, our health and the lives of those around us.

The effects of alcohol extend far beyond personal health. It affects families, friends, communities, and society as a whole, causing disrupted sleep, strained relationships, and even fatalities.

Fortunately, these negative outcomes are preventable. We have the opportunity to cultivate a healthier environment where informed decisions regarding alcohol consumption become the norm. It is crucial to reduce the prominent role that alcohol currently plays within our social interactions. By openly discussing the harmful effects of alcohol and actively working to reduce its influence, we can empower ourselves and our community to make thoughtful decisions about our drinking habits.

The Mental Health and Health Promotion team will be launching a social media campaign throughout Alcohol Awareness Week. Follow the conversation using #AlcoholAwarenessWeek.

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Kaylee Youde, commented:

“Alcohol Awareness Week isn’t about forcing people to quit drinking, it is about raising awareness and inspiring positive change. We want people in our community to make safe and well-informed decisions about their alcohol intake.”

Ways in which you can participate in Alcohol Awareness Week include:

  • Sharing your experiences, events and activities on social media using the hashtag #AlcoholAwarenessWeek
  • Promoting and engaging in alcohol-free activities such as sports, arts and crafts, or community service projects

To find out more about Alcohol Awareness Week, please contact the Mental Health or Health Promotion teams via telephone on 22500.

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