Closure of Lobster Fishing Season

The Marine Enforcement Section remind all fishers of the upcoming closed season for lobster fishing.

The landing or retention of the following species within the fisheries limits is prohibited during the period commencing Sunday 1 October 2023 and ending Sunday 31 December 2023:

  • Brown spiny lobster (Panulirus echinatus)
  • Stump lobster (Scyllarides ebtusus)

Any brown spiny lobster (Panulirus echinatus) or stump lobster (Scyllarides obtusus) caught as bycatch during this period must be returned immediately to the sea. If returned immediately, any such bycatch will not be considered to have been caught in breach of this notice.

A person who contravenes a fishing control notice commits an offence under section 72(2) of the Fisheries Ordinance 2021, and is liable on summary conviction to a maximum fine of £25,000.

For further information please contact Kelly Jonas, Marine Enforcement Officer, by telephone on 25947 or via email through  

28 September 2023  

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470