Arrival Of The MV Blue Master II

The MV Blue Master II is scheduled to arrive at St Helena on Friday 9 June 2023.

The MV Blue Master II is a multipurpose container ship with an overall length of 199.8 meters, a beam of 30.2 meters, a deadweight of 37,443 megatonnes, a draft of 11 meters and a container carrying capacity of 2,225.

As part of the tender and procurement process for a new longer-term cargo shipping service provider for St Helena, the ship is calling to conduct a trial operation for the discharge and loading of containers. Due to the dimensions and specifications of the MV Blue Master II, it cannot be accommodated at Rupert’s Jetty so the trial operation will take place whilst at anchor in James Bay.

The trial operation was requested by a potential bidder, based in South Africa, and has been sanctioned with input from the relevant authorities and with the engagement of local cargo operations partner Solomon and Company Plc.

There are currently two representatives from the potential bidder on Island, to oversee the trial operation and work with local stakeholders on planning and potential implementation.

As with any tender and procurement process, most information must necessarily remain confidential, and therefore no further details will be publicised at this time.

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