Statistical Bulletin 5, 2023: Gross Domestic Product (Gdp)

The Statistical Office have released new estimates of the size of St Helena’s economy for 2021/22. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2021/22 is estimated to have been £39.0 million, 1.7% lower than 2020/21 when price inflation is taken into account.

Table 1. Estimates of Gross Domestic Product, 2015/16 to 2021/22, £ million

Current market prices41.638.836.338.237.839.239.0
Constant 21/22 market prices....38.739.838.739.639.0
Annual GDP growth rate......2.9%-2.6%2.3%-1.7%

When calculated on a per capita basis (the average per person), 2021/22 GDP is estimated to have been £8,850, a small increase of 0.6% after adjusting for price inflation.

Table 2. Estimates of Gross Domestic Product per capita, 2015/16 to 2021/22

GDP per capita (£, current)8,9608,5707,9308,1908,3308,6908,850
GDP per capita (£, constant 21/22 prices)....8,4408,5208,5408,8008,850
Annual GDP per capita growth rate......0.9%0.2%3.0%0.6%
Estimate of total on-island population4,6394,5284,6014,6934,5634,5274,422
GDP per capita ($, current)13,51011,20010,53010,76010,62011,37012,100

Full details are contained in the fifth Statistical Bulletin of 2023, including estimates of Value Added by sector, and Gross National Income (a measure of the economic activity of St Helena’s residents).

The full bulletin can be found online at:

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