Sightings Of Sharks In Inshore Waters

The Marine Enforcement Section would like to advise that there have been reports of shark sightings to the west side of the Island. Local fishers have indicated that this is not unusual during this time of the year and does happen from time-to-time, due most likely to the increased water temperature and increased “feed” in the water at present.

All fishers are reminded that sharks are protected under international and local law (Environmental Protection Ordinance, 2016) and it is anoffence to deliberately target them or catch them. If a shark is caught accidently it should be returned to the sea as soon as practically possible.

Fishers and members of the public are encouraged to discard of fish waste in a responsible manner. For rock fishers, this means ensuring waste is taken and disposed of in a bin inland. For boat fishers, this means if discarding fish waste at sea, taking it at least one mile out from the shore.

Discarding fish waste close to the coast can encourage sharks to come closer to the shore to feed on the waste. Where this is done near popular and accessible areas such as James Bay and Rupert’s Bay, it can then affect the enjoyment and potentially the safety of recreational activities such as swimming, snorkelling and diving. 

The Marine Enforcement Section would like to encourage all fishers and members of the public to keep the above in mind when considering how they dispose of fish waste into the ocean.

The recent Marine Awareness week celebrated 20 years of learning about our ocean and what we can do to continue to ensure what we value is protected. Remember, your actions can affect others and St Helena as a whole.

Laws that are in place are there to help protect our marine environment for current and future generations, and keep marine users safe in the process. We therefore encourage the community to report any unlawful activities. Your reports can be made to the Marine Enforcement Section, by telephone on 25947 or via email through

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