Rectification of major fault at the Power Station

Members of the public are advised that the fault on Generator No. 1 has now been rectified and the generator is once again fully operational.

Following a power outage on Thursday, 19 January, Generator No. 1 developed a fault that required the purchase of a specialist part from overseas. This part arrived on-Island on the flight on Saturday, 4 February, was inspected and installation work then commenced early on Sunday.

By late Sunday afternoon, Generator No. 1 was online and was tested alongside Generator No. 3. As this was successful, further testing was then carried out whereby Generator No. 1 was used to carry the load (i.e. was the sole generator online).  Testing continued throughout Monday and again on Tuesday morning.

Following this period of testing, Connect is pleased to advise that Generator No. 1 is fully operational. Generators No. 3 and No. 5 also continue to operate without issue. 

This means that there is sufficient generation capacity at the Power Station so that if there was a fault on any one of the generators, there is enough back-up capacity to meet the demand for electricity across the Island. As a result, there is now no longer a risk that load shedding might be required. 

Members of the public are thanked for their patience, understanding and co-operation during the recent contingency period. 

Thanks are also extended to the team at the Power Station for their hard work in ensuring minimal disruption to the power supply during the last three weeks, and for returning the Power Station to standard operations.

If you would like any further information on this matter please contact Connect Saint Helena Ltd by tel: 22255 or via email:


7 February 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470