Recognition and farewell event held for Captain and crew of the MV Helena

The MV Helena departed St Helena today, Friday 3 February 2023, for the final time. To give thanks and bid farewell to the Captain and crew of the MV Helena, a short ceremony was held at 2.30pm at Rupert’s Jetty on Saturday, 28 January 2023.

The public were also invited to attend the Jetty to extend thanks and bid farewell to the Captain and crew. Attendees had the opportunity to board the vessel and were given a tour of the bridge.

In attendance was the Acting Governor, Greg Gibson; Bishop Dale; Chief Minister, Julie Thomas; Ministers, Elected Members, Chief Secretary, Susan O’Bey, Captain Rudolph and the crew of the MV Helena as well as members of the public.

The MV Helena has provided a vital cargo service to St Helena and our sister Island Ascension for the last four years. However, the contract for services between the operator of the MV Helena and SHG has recently come to an end, and this was the last voyage to St Helena for the vessel and her crew.

The Chief Secretary and Chief Minister paid tribute to the Captains and crew of MV Helena and reflected on the vital service the vessel has provided, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Captain Rudolph, on behalf of the MV Helena, received plaques from St Helena Government as a token of their appreciation, and gave a short speech and reflected on the time he and his crew have been affiliated with St Helena and Ascension.

Bishop Dale led the prayers and the Ceremony concluded with three cheers for the Captains and crew.

In her speech, the Chief Secretary said:

“During much of the period 2020 to 2022, the MV Helena was St Helena’s only physical lifeline and connection to the rest of the world. During this time, the Captains and crew epitomised the principles of selflessness, duty and going beyond and above what anyone could possibly expect from a service.”

“Words cannot express how much we appreciate you Captains and your crew, and all that you have done for the Island. We are proud of you, and we want to thank you most sincerely for always delivering for St Helena, especially during those testing times.”

Chief Minister, Julie Thomas, added:

“No matter what the circumstances, the MV Helena has always delivered. She might have occasionally turned up a bit later than originally scheduled, but that is ‘real’ life and is experienced when relying on all forms of transport. The ship is a familiar and comforting sight and there is a sense of pride when we see her docked in Rupert’s Bay, interacting with our local workforce to offload our precious cargo.”

“The MV Helena has carried all of our supplies, from cars to animal feed, to food and medical supplies and essential equipment. She, and her Captains and crew, have been our lifeline these past years and more significantly so in recent years due to the added burden and precautions that were taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

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3 February 2023

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