Cyber Security Awareness Survey launched

Ahead of SHG’s Cyber Security Awareness Campaign being launched in January 2023, the SHG Cyber Security Team would like to gauge the current overall public awareness of cyber security on St Helena. In order to achieve this, a cyber-security awareness questionnaire has been published.

The questionnaire can be completed in either hard copy or electronic form and is split into four sections: Internet usage, Cyber Security Threats Awareness, Cyber Security Tools and Preventative Measures Awareness, and Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Hard copies of this questionnaire were placed in all newspapers last week and can be completed and returned to either the Post & Customer Service Centre, or directly to the Cyber Security Awareness and Training Officer, Gareth Drabble, at the Castle. Additional hard copies of the form can also be requested by contacting Gareth directly on telephone number 22816 or via email:

To access and complete the questionnaire electronically, the following link should be used: Alternatively, the QR Code below can be scanned with a smart phone to automatically direct you to the online form. 

The QR code is currently available to scan at:

  • The Pharmacy at the General Hospital
  • Reception at the General Hospital
  • Outpatients at the General Hospital
  • The Public Library
  • Customs building

This survey will close at the end of January 2023, therefore members of the public are encouraged to complete and return the questionnaire as soon as possible. The results of this survey will be used to identify the public’s knowledge gaps around cyber security and will enable the Cyber Security Team to effectively adapt the content of its Cyber Security Awareness Campaign. This should mean that the training is focused on the areas where it is most needed.

Additionally, the results of the survey will be used as a baseline to compare and measure public awareness levels after the Cyber Security Awareness Campaign has been completed in its entirety.

The public are thanked in advance for their participation in this extremely important project. It is another crucial piece in preparing St Helena for enhanced connectivity to the rest of the world via the Equiano cable. 

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9 December 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470