Safety advice for swimming in the ocean

Summer is here and the festive season is fast approaching. During this time many of us enjoy participating in ocean-based activities, with swimming being one of the most popular amongst all ages.  

The Sea Rescue Service would like to give the following safety advice for swimming in the ocean:

  • Do not go swimming alone
  • Take some time to observe the ocean before entering. Waves and swells come in sets, building in size and strength. If there are signs of a swell you can then decide if the swell is too big before you enter the water
  • Take note as to where the life rings are located in the area in which you are swimming
  • Life rings are for use in an emergency situation only. Do not remove the life rings for any other purpose, as an emergency situation may then arise when someone really needs them.

If you get caught in big swells:

  • Do not swim back to shore as this will be unsafe
  • Swim away from the big swells and remain there until the swells have passed
  • If you cannot return to shore due to the swell, signal to shore for help.

If you happen to see a person fall into the water, or experience difficulty in the water:

  • Throw in a life ring or any form of floatation device
  • Raise the alarm, Call 999 and ask for the Sea Rescue Service
  • Stay on the line with the 999 operator and give as much information as possible.

The Sea Rescue Service wishes everyone a safe festive season and a Happy New Year. 

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12 December 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470