Registering for Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations

The Health Service would like to inform the public of the following: 

First and second primary doses, and a first booster dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine are available for any eligible persons who have not yet received these.  Persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 can still receive a first or second primary dose and/or a first boosterbut this can only be administered eight weeks after you initially tested positive.   The primary doses are available for persons aged 12 years and above, the first booster dose is available to persons aged 18 years and above. 

The public are reminded that, thanks to funding from the UK Government through the FCDO, the Health Services plan to continue the COVID-19 vaccination programme in March 2023 with the latest bivalent COVID-19 vaccine.  This particular type of vaccine is effective specifically against the Omicron variant, as well as older variants of COVID-19.  Further details regarding this will be issued nearer the time.  

Flu vaccinations are also available to any interested persons aged 18 years and above. 

Any persons who would like to receive a flu vaccination, or the COVID-19 vaccine doses as mentioned above, should register their names with the Receptionist at the General Hospital via telephone number 22500 by 3pm on Wednesday, 16, November 2022. Interested persons are asked to give their full name and date of birth. 

Dependent on demand, vaccination clinics will be arranged and announced thereafter. If there is limited demand then persons will be contacted directly by the responsible nurse, who will arrange for them to receive their vaccinations at their nearest clinic.


10 November 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470