New Senior Paramedic for Health Services Directorate

New Senior Paramedic for the Health Services Directorate, Thomas Attewell, arrived in early January.  Thomas has already begun work on developing the ambulance into its own distinct emergency service.  The aim is to provide a faster response whilst bringing hospital-level resuscitation, emergency skills and equipment to the community whenever it is needed.   Thomas has been working very closely with the ambulance drivers, in order to bring the service up to the standard which would be expected in the UK.  He plans to work with other sections of the Health Services Directorate as well as the Emergency Services to ensure that all personnel within these sectors are able to provide a level of pre-hospital care that all patients deserve. 

Thomas said:

“I am looking forward to developing the emergency care provisions, and have already begun implementing improvements to speed up our response, the equipment and medications we carry, as well as our procedures and training. The work that has been undertaken in my first month here and the reception I have received from the Health Services Directorate and the public has been very positive, so I hope I can continue to make positive change.”

Thomas became a paramedic through studying for a degree in Paramedic Science at the University of Suffolk.  Before arriving on St Helena, Thomas spent six years as an Army reservist serving as a Paramedic and continues to do so.  He has just recently returned back from an operational tour with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus on the ‘green line’, developing their pre-hospital emergency care procedures and providing clinical care for a 1200-plus multinational force.  Prior to this Thomas spent two years with the East of England Ambulance Service, working on ambulances and rapid response cars, he was a part of the specialist operations response team, undertaking training and exercises to respond to major incidents. He is currently studying for a Master’s degree in expedition and wilderness medicine and plans to undertake his dissertation on healthcare on the Island. Thomas will make himself available for anyone wishing to pursue a career in Paramedic Services.  Thomas is also a keen adventurer with training in mountaineering, rock climbing and an instructor in kayaking and canoeing

2 March 2022

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