Five new heritage streetlights installed at the seafront

Five new heritage streetlights (see photos attached) have recently been installed at the Seafront, Jamestown, as part of the Jamestown Streetlight Project (Phase 3).

The streetlights were installed by Adam Grocock of Grocock’s Contractors and can be seen between Donny’s Bar and the HM Customs building.

The new streetlights will replace the existing high energy consumption streetlights and provide increased lighting in this area. The lights are dark skies compliant and the bulbs are lower-energy LEDs, installed on heritage-style poles.

In addition to the heritage lights and as part of the contract, Grocock’s Contractors also installed additional full solar lights in areas previously identified as in need of lighting. This includes two new lights and poles in Market Street, additional lights inside Barracks Square, a new light and pole at Deadwood bus shelter, a new light in Alarm Forest as well as the replacement of lights in Rupert’s Valley and the replacement of lights at the Briars.

Notes to Editor:

The Jamestown Streetlight Project is a multi-phase Project to replace all existing high energy consumption streetlights in Jamestown with more dark skies compliant, energy efficient (solar and LED) type streetlights.

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5 April 2022

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