Contract Awarded For Road Surfacing Of Side Path Road

Following an open procurement exercise conducted in October/November 2021, St Helena Government (SHG) has entered into a contract with Isaac’s Contractors Ltd, to undertake the Road Surfacing of Side Path Road for the total sum of £209,390.00 (two hundred and nine thousand and three hundred and ninety pounds). 

The Contract was signed on Monday, 10 January 2022, and will include constructing bituminous road surfacing layers over a new granular crushed rock road base. This is the fourth contract in the major rehabilitation programme of Side Path Road with the remaining work packages relating to safety measures and including the signage and netting which will be tendered for shortly.

This Project is being funded under the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP).

The public is reminded that Side Path Road remains closed. Drivers are thanked for their patience during the implementation of this Project.

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14 January 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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