Blasting at Horse Point Landfill Site

In order to extend the lifespan of a new domestic/commercial waste cell recently excavated at Horse Point Landfill Site, Waste Management Services (WMS) have organised a small blasting operation tomorrow, Friday 21 October 2022.

This blasting operation will increase the predicted lifespan of the cell by increasing the overall depth, which could not be achieved using only the excavation plant equipment on-site.

The blast will take place between 12 noon and 2pm. All persons within the blast exclusion zone will be evacuated beforehand, and flagmen will be in position to assist and to ensure that everyone adheres to the warnings and remains in the safe zone.

Three short siren blasts will be sounded one minute before the detonation. On completion of the detonation, a short siren blast will then be sounded and the public will be allowed back into the area.

WMS extends thanks to everyone involved in the planning and execution of this blasting operation, most notably Mr Nicky Yon and his team, Mr Jeremy Clingham, Mr Alan Hudson, Chief of Police, David Price, Mrs Michelle Yon and Mr Richard Gardner from the Fuel Infrastructure Project.

Waste Management Services ‘working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena’.

20 October 2022

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