Tyanne Williams – Scholarship Student

Tyanne Williams will soon be attending the University of Sussex as a scholarship student, learn more about what Tyanne is planning to study and the skills she is looking forward to bringing back to St Helena.

Why did you choose this field?
“Growing up on St Helena, I’ve always been appreciative of our Island’s unique tourism products and understood the importance of marketing for a developing destination. I discovered the appeal for marketing through work experience on the SHCC Apprenticeship programme where I realised that the skills of the marketing officers played on my natural creative skills.

My work experience enabled me to develop skills and gain insight into programmes and software used in the marketing sector. Furthermore, marketing appealed the most to me of all topics in A level Business Studies hereby, I would like to study it in more detail and at a higher level.

My degree will allow me to specialise in Marketing but also have the background in Business Management to allow for flexibility to develop a career in Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management and Project/Event Management.”

Why did you apply for a scholarship?
“Studying at University level has always been an aspiration of mine and the scholarship allows me to transform my passion into a career by achieving my goals and progressing in marketing.

Having left school with good academic grades both at GCSE and A levels made it possible to meet the criteria to apply for the scholarship and University.”

Are you looking forward to going to University and why?
“Yes, University allows one to grow both professionally and personally. I will develop my knowledge and skills and become more independent, more confident and self-reliant.

I’m looking forward to exploring my new home away from home; Brighton, which is located at the south of the United Kingdom so I’m never too far away from the sea.

University of Sussex is famous for the amount of societies it offers outside of studying, I wish participate in some including the marketing society. I enjoy playing sports and I hope to continue developing my sporting abilities through the universities sporting clubs.”

What opportunities/experiences are you most looking forward to?
“I am very excited to start studying marketing at University. University of Sussex allows a lot of opportunities when it comes to the course as I will be able to choose modules that I want to study (including modules from other degrees). I also have the opportunity to learn different languages, work in professional placements and engage with those in the profession.

I have been in contact with Brighter Group (St Helena Government’s Public Relations agency) to hopefully participate in some work experience with them whilst studying my degree. They are based in London which would be around an hour from Brighton.”

What are you hoping to bring back to the Island?
“Out of the four marketing departments I worked at, I particularly enjoyed my time with Enterprise St Helena, promoting a product close to my heart – St Helena. Therefore, I hope to return to the Island with the skills and knowledge to work in the new Sustainable Development team in St Helena Government to continue marketing our Island as a tourism destination, an investment opportunity and keeping St Helena in the heart of all saints.

Marketing is a shortage skill on the Island but it is one that is important especially now during the pandemic. Also, very few businesses practice it, and instead outsource to international companies which becomes a financial burden. Islanders such as myself and my peers want to see this money stay within the economy by increasing the skill set on Island.”

How will university help develop your career path?
“Apart from the obvious, of obtaining the knowledge and skills. University of Sussex is rated one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom for Business Studies and studying at a specialist University will bring many opportunities from learning from great lecturers to building good working relationships which would be great for my future and possibly St Helena.”

What skills are you hoping to develop?
“It would be impossible to list out all the skills I’m hoping to and will develop at University but I can highlight that communication is essential in the field and my communication skills was developed immensely in my role as Internal Communication Officer at St Helena Government. I wish to enhance this even further through all that I will learn at University.

All of the skills and knowledge I obtain, I wish to apply to the Digital Strategy and studying strategic marketing will allow me to have the skills to think strategically and plan how marketing now will have a positive effect in the future.”

How important is learning to you and how will your learning impact the future of St Helena?
“Learning is very important to me and after obtaining my degree, I wish to progress onto achieving a Master’s degree and thereafter study toward the Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM) professional qualification.

With further developments for St Helena’s economic growth, first the Airport Project and now the Fibre Optic Cable there are more opportunities to practise and develop marketing on the Island and I cannot wait to return to the Island and apply all that I will learn.”

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6 August 2021

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