Marcella Mittens – Scholarship Student

Marcella Mittens will soon be attending Canterbury Christ Church University – Kent, as a scholarship student. Learn more about what Marcella is planning to study and the skills she is looking forward to bringing back to St Helena.

Why did you apply for a scholarship?

“At a younger age, I didn’t know what the next steps were for me – whether it was joining the workforce or furthering my education. All I knew was that I enjoyed learning. We are always reminded that education is something that cannot be taken away from us, and that’s why I aim to pursue my career by taking the next step and advancing my knowledge and skills through achieving a degree. 

“Since my first work experience with the St Helena Tourist Office, I have always known that I wanted to return to St Helena, work in the tourism industry and help businesses develop. To achieve this personal aim, I chose subjects that supported my passion.”

Why were you interested in Tourism?

“Tourism is a fast changing, dynamic and highly competitive field to work in and the diverse industry offers long-term career opportunities for enthusiastic individuals who want to put their education and skills to work in various environments.

“My predetermined subjects and work experience in tourism will give me an advantage when studying my degree where I can put my local and global knowledge to the test.”

Why Business?

“I first gained an interest from growing up in the countryside where I enjoyed helping my dad in his commercial vegetable garden at a young age. Recently investing in a honey production business, I was keen to assist with the marketing and sales of the honey in addition to the vegetables. From my farming background, I can demonstrate other passions and interests aside from my academic achievements in which I have been able to put that intellectual knowledge of business to practice in the actuality.

“I hope that by choosing business as a degree it will open my eyes to different organisations and external environments, so that I can understand how they operate and are managed. The course will allow development of my business and management skills while being exposed to scenarios and real-world problems that will influence ‘outside the box’ thinking.”

What are you hoping to achieve when returning to St Helena?

“Upon return, I endeavor to continue to work in the tourism industry. Tourism as you know has been impacted globally by COVID-19 and my plans are to assist with the recovery of the tourism industry. This personal aim can assist me in multiple roles which could include working within the Sustainable Development Team. I officially joined the team a few weeks ago and they have inspired me more on sustainability of Tourism and its services. With the knowledge and skills I’ve learned working in Government; I’m motivated to come back to the Island to find employment with the two Economists.”

What does education mean to you?

“Having an education is important – and the amazing thing is that we don’t stop learning. Mrs Wendy Benjamin always reminds us, education is the greatest thing you can have, and no one can take that away from you. Especially on our small Island, our families depend on us to be the leaders of tomorrow. And I think that is important that we continue to up-skill our young people and make sure that we can have a good education both academic and vocational. With education, we can achieve great things… and investing in us as young people is the right way forward for the Island.

More about the course:

“Business Management/Tourism Studies is a combined honours course. Students will study fundamental areas of business, finance, HR, marketing and operations, and the macro and micro environments in which they operate including cultural, social and ethical issues. I will also have opportunities to examine real-life organisational problems by making the most of the strong links between Christ Church Business School and a wide range of local, regional and national organisations.

“By studying tourism I will be able to gain specialist knowledge from experienced staff, passionate about their teaching and discover themes including dark tourism, film tourism and sustainability. Lectures and seminars are supported by a wealth of industry speakers and site visits. I will also have the chance to go on field trips abroad in years one and two, one of which being the Island of Malta. I will be offered work experience/internships and can take advantage of our exciting Tourism and Events Research Hub, which has a reputation for winning successful research grants.”

Special Thanks

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved with giving us this chance to further our knowledge by investing in the young people of this Island.

“On a small Island, a single person can make a huge difference. I want to do the best for my Island with the education and life experience that is gained in University. In being accepted onto the course, I will work my hardest to make the most of this opportunity.”

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