Badge of St Helena Design Competition- Winner Announced

St Helena Government (SHG) would like to announce that the winner of the competition to design the new Badge of St Helena (provision for which is now included in the National Honours and Awards Ordinance 2021) is Kurt Bowers of Nr Hutts Gate, Longwood.

A competition was held for participants to produce a locally prepared design for the obverse and reverse sides of the Badge of St Helena.  This competition, which closed on 26 March 2021, was advertised locally via newspapers, radio and Social Media. All persons residing on St Helena could take part.  There were seven entries in total which were judged by an independent panel who reserved the right to modify the winning design. 

Modifications were made, in consultation with Kurt, to the reverse side of the Badge which depicts a simple illustration of the Map of St Helena with a puzzle board overlay and two hands connecting two puzzle pieces.  Three map co-ordinates are printed around the outside of the design denoting the places of importance and value to the continued development of the Island’s position in the world.  They are:

  • Jamestown Landing Steps (History/Economic)
  • Diana’s Peaks (Cultural/Environmental)
  • Centre of Sports Field at Prince Andrew’s School – (Social/Future).

Through the puzzle overlay, Kurt’s design conveys and represents the contribution a person can make to the Island through enriching it and becoming a part, or a piece of the Island’s rich fabric whether that be social, cultural or economic. The independent panel elected for the obverse side of the Badge to depict the St Helena Badge of Arms.

The Badge of St Helena can be awarded to anyone regardless of place of birth or place of residence, in recognition of exceptional and extraordinary service to the Island which can include contributions to public life, research, philanthropy, literature and the promotion and support provided to the culture, heritage and development of the Island.

The design for the Badge of St Helena shown below, has now been passed to the Royal Mint for minting purposes. 

Congratulations are extended to Kurt.

13 August 2021

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